History of Church

On February 24, 1917, Mrs B.L. Churchhill, of the Woody Community, gave land for a place to build a church in the Woody Community. The Church was built in 1917 by D.C. Taylor, T.M. North, H.D. Woody and J.W. Linkous.

On March 19, 1917 they met together and organized the church in the Woody Community. The organizational council was composed of the following ministers and their churches: J.W. Linkous (Crossville), L.V. Seiber (Clear Creek) and J.L Savage (Bethlehem). Brother Linkous served as moderator and preached the sermons. Brother Elmore served as clerk and led the prayer. Brother Seiber presented the Bible and Brother Savage gave the charge ti the church.

On motion by T.M. North and second by H.D. Woody, the unanimous choice for a name was Calvary. Those who constituted the Church were Mr. and Mrs. T.M. North, Mr. and Mrs. D.C. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Woody, J.L Savage and Maudie Bilbrey. The first Church Officers were: Pastor (J.W. Linkous), deacons (D.C. Taylor and H.D. Woody) and Church Clerk (T.M. North).

In 1931 the Church building burned and the people were without a Church until 1934. F.M. Phipps and Jim McCormick went around the community and asked for donations to rebuild the Church. People gave donations of lumber, nails, etc… Carvell Russel furnished the oak lumber and Porter Baldwin furnished the poplar lumber to rebuild the Church. Jim McCormick, Ervin Taylor, Millard Woody, F.M. Phipps, Herbert McCormick, James Maynard, Homer Taylor and many friends and members built the new Church Building. Harold Angel preached the first sermon in the new Church.

There have been 28 pastors between the 2 Churches and many interim pastors. Bother Davis McCammon had the longest tenure as pastor (15 years). It was during his time as pastor that the new Sanctuary was built. Dedication services for the new Sanctuary were held on November 10, 1991. The Church had a note burning for the Sanctuary on December 11, 1996. A new Fellowship Hall was built in 2001 while Brother Bud Slaton was pastor. It was first used during bible school in June of 2001. Dedication services for the new Fellowship Hall were held on February 24, 2002. The remainder of the one for the Fellowship Hall (in the amount of $3.150) was paid by Reba Reed on August 11, 2009 in memory of her mother (Hallie Russell). A note burning for the Fellowship Hall took place on September 27, 2009 at the Crossville Centennial Park!